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IndustrialPump panels, starters, variable frequency drives, explosion proof devices & terminals

AC Drives

5-200 HP VFD

Pump Panels

Oilfield & Ag Markets

Electrical Fittings

Industrial Explosion Proof

Electracom is well experienced at providing solutions, and industrial electrical products in the Oil, Agriculture, and Industrial Markets. We have an extensive inventory to support the industrial markets such as Pump Panels, Starters, Soft Starts, Variable Frequency Drives, Disconnects, Terminals, Explosion Proof devices, along with Control & Automation products. Our Industrial Staff have years of experience, and look forward to helping you. Electracom is an authorized distributor of these products along with many other brands:

When combined with our capabilities in control, and automation you will find Electracom to be your best source of Industrial Electrical products along with outstanding service.

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