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Phone: 806.771.3532
Aerosols & Cleaners (28)
Ballasts (64)
Batteries (11)
Cable Pulling (42)
Datacom Products (525)
Electrical Products (1794)
Fastening (112)
Lamps (105)
Light Fixtures (94)
Raceway (52)
Smoke Detection (4)
Tape & Adhesives (30)
Tools (208)
Transformers (19)
Ventilation Products (11)
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About Our Company
Electracom Supply Inc. is located at 4910 Frankford Ave. Lubbock Texas. Our store hours are 7AM-5:30PM Mon-Fri.

We can be reached by the following:

(806)771-3532 Main
(806)771-3531 Fax

Electracom Supply Inc., P.O. Box 16646, Lubbock, TX 79490-6646

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Our Customers
Electracom services a broad range of customers from varied markets. Electracom is committed to providing its clients quality customer service, and products while creating an enjoyable and productive place to do business. We are sensitive and responsive to our clients' needs and devoted to their satisfaction. We will be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings. No Client is to small to be considered important to our success, we welcome any and all sizes of organizations to give us chance to service their needs.

Our Employees
Electracom is committed to hiring and developing the best staff in our industry. We are dedicated to providing a working environment, which allows each and every employee to have job satisfaction, at the same time meeting the desires of the company to offer the best quality products and services available.

Our Industry
Electracom is committed to leading the Electrical, and Datacom, industry through its integrity, innovation, client satisfaction, and ease of doing business with us. We are dedicated to raising the bar within the industry and are devoted to maintaining an active profile within industry organizations and associations.

Electracom is committed to excellence in every way, in our work ethic, in the products and service we provide, and in our relationships with our clients, employees, vendors and communities.

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